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    We have been providing expert witness services to the Family Courts since 2008. We have established a reputation across the south-west for delivering highly professional and clear psychological assessment reports delivered within a tight-timescale

Expert Witness Services


Family Law

Dr Ben Laskey has been providing Professional Expert Witness services to the Family Courts since 2008, continuously. He is a highly respected Consultant Clinical Psychologist with an established reputation for thorough, helpful and well-written reports. He provides clear and meaningful recommendations in these reports thus supporting the best outcomes for children in Family Proceedings (both Public and Private Law).


Dr Ben Laskey has a special interest in neuropsychological testing and issues of capacity and fitness to plead. In the Family Court, he currently predominantly undertakes cognitive and capacity assessments. He has a reputation for high-quality reports, completed within short timescales. Practitioners often seek Dr Laskey out for his sensitive approach to assessment with vulnerable individuals, and to work with those for whom engagement can be difficult because of their history, emotional profile or cognitive functioning.


Dr Ben Laskey has more than 15 years of experience in delivering reports in highly complex childcare cases, drawing information from multiple sources to reach an understanding of family and individual functioning. Reports include formal assessment of intellectual functioning, and personality; clinical interview, consideration of any psychological disorders present, attachment style and complex risk assessment.

Personal Injury

The Psychology Partnership offers Personal Injury assessments undertaken by both Dr. Alice Laskey and Dr. Ben Laskey. We have been providing Personal Injury assessments since 2010. Our assessments include psychological adjustment following road traffic accidents, employment issues and medical negligence claims. Dr. Alice Laskey and Dr. Ben Laskey have extensive experience in Personal Injury assessments and report writing. They are experienced in working for defendants, for claimants, and in accepting joint instructions, and preparing joint statements.

Personal Injury

    • Interviews provided for children, adolescents, and adults
    • Psychological Assessments in Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Employment/Absence Management
    • Assessments of psychological adjustment following adverse life events
    • Assessment of cognitive function and litigation capacity
    • Consideration of post-event anxiety and behavioural changes (including anxiety, mood problems, phobias, restricted activities linked to poor psychological adjustment, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychologically-mediated pain presentations)

Dr Alice Laskey and Dr Ben Laskey are registered on the British Psychological Society Directory of Expert Witnesses.


“Ben’s reports are crystal clear- which is so very important, particularly when you have to take clients through them to take instructions.” – Family Law Solicitor

“I have always found Ben approachable, enthusiastic, respecting of deadlines and to provide assessments that clearly identify and address issues” – Family Law Solicitor

“Ben is very conscientious in his work and is always available to speak to when he is in the throes of an assessment. This is particularly relevant as very often information comes in unexpectedly which he needs to have as quickly as possible. He recently was instructed in a case which required him to assimilate vast quantities of information and he produced a well-rounded report.” – Family Law Solicitor.