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    We provide clinical psychology consultation and training to organisations (such as universities, schools, care providers and work places) on topics related to psychology, mental health, child development and emotional wellbeing.

Consultation & Training

Take advantage of our comprehensive consultation and training packages, crafted to empower individuals and organisations across various sectors. We bring a wealth of expertise and a collaborative spirit to every partnership, ensuring impactful outcomes.

Contact us now to discover how our tailored consultation and training solutions can unlock your potential and support your professional development.

Training: Igniting Curiosity, Inspiring Change

Elevate your team’s knowledge and skills with our dynamic training programs. We provide training to legal and mental health professionals, and we are the exclusive national providers of training in Timid to Tiger, an evidence-based parenting program for anxious children. Our innovative approach fosters engagement and encourages active participation, creating a learning environment that inspires growth and positive change.

Consultation: Illuminating Insights, Customised Support

Navigate complex challenges with confidence through our expert psychological consultation services. Whether you require short-term or long-term input, we provide strategic solutions that empower your team to thrive.

Clinical Supervision: Nurturing Excellence, Guiding Growth

Advance your professional development with our individual clinical supervision sessions. Designed for Clinical Psychologists and allied professionals, our supervision services focus on a range of psychological therapies, parenting programmes, and expert witness work.


“We had the opportunity to learn from both evidence base and clinical experiences discussed in the session. The role-play was extremely helpful in applying the learned materials.”

“Ben was a fabulous presenter. He gave a really insightful lecture on Timid to Tiger programme. Very clear and fluid.”

“Relaxed style which enabled the communication of a lot of information in a manner that was interesting, tangible and informative for my practice.”

“Extremely personable, delivered very clear content in a fun way which made me want to try the approach.”